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Este  Ceramiche Porcellane

este industry

Since pre-Roman times, Este has been a renowned center for exquisite porcelains. For over 500 years, ceramic works have been housed in the same building where Ceramiche Porcellane has crafted fine porcelain, now under the same family for nearly 200 years.

Right: Giovanni Battista Fadigati, owner/director of Este Ceramiche Porcellane, manufacturers of hand painted porcelain.

The business creates exclusive lines for such retailers as Tiffany’s and Bergdorf-Goodman.

porcelain plate

Prodotti Alimentari Cavalalari

Pasta Producers


Pasta is at the heart of Italian cuisine. This Este family have created their home and their company in one venue. Egg pastas, farina pastas, and fish roe pastas are produced for both domestic and export markets.

italy pasta
alfredo dal santo

Contemporary Design in Pottery and Ceramics

Artisan design in ceramics is a strength of the Este pottery scene. The same is true with Fredericksburg.
The possibility of mutual hosting, mutual creative endeavor, and partnering in exhibits in both cities is enticing.


ALICE Confezioni di Dall Monta Laura

Jackets and Outerware for Men and women

This all-female small company custom crafts by hand fine coats, vests, and jackets as contractors with the world’s foremost clothing labels, including Ralph Lauren. During this visit, samples for next year’s winter wear were under production.

  Artisan seamstresses attend to tiny details and guard quality assurance in this close-knit business enterprise. Even the resident dog is female!


Sposa D’este

A Wedding marketing Initiative

Elegant bridal gowns; custom tailored men’s wedding suits; special event wear for women. Hand crafted wedding jewelry. Engraved invitations. Catering.


Historic and romantic venues. Wines. Boutique hotels and B&B’s. Flowers. Décor and themed events. Photography. Full service wedding coordination.

Este’s fashion and hospitality businesses have formed an association to position Este as a single-stop, across-the-board wedding venue.


The consortium markets the concept and services as SPOSA D’ESTE—Este Wedding City. They have produced promotional booklets, and launched a campaign to draw wedding clients to Este, the Euganei Hills, and the dozens of ancient castles, churches, villas and spas that serve as romantic settings for the special day.


Manfredini College is housed in what was once private villa of a wealthy family. It now serves as a two-to-four year school (training varies) for young adults wishing to learn an applicable trade.

Combining scholastic, scientific, cultural and technical instruction, the school offers instruction in culinary arts and restaurant management; electrical and computer engineering; graphic design; mechanical engineering; business applications, and tourism and hospitality management.

Founded and supported by a Catholic brotherhood dedicated to youth, especially the economically disadvantaged, Monfredini is headed by Don Dino Marcon. 


Tracks in culinary arts, informational technology, graphic design, tourism, and business management are offered.

Left: Fr Marcon oversees students learning bar service at Manfredini. Students alternate as chefs and as client-tasters.


Salumificio FONTANA
Proscuittiand Salumi

Salami and proscuitto are artisanally crafted at this family-owned enterprise. Exceptional quality achieved by careful supervision have established this house’s reputation for superior charcuterie.

Francesco Fontana has headed the business for decades, and now is training his daughter to take the reins.

Mr. Fontana is also active in Rotary and in several business associations to promote Este exports and economic growth.


Ramazzotto Egg Production Farm

Lorena and Renato Ramazzotto live in nearby Ospedaletto Euganeo, where they harvest 10,000 eggs a day, and care for 105,000 chickens. The operation is energy-neutral, as they recycle the chicken guano for fuel, and grow grasses to burn to generate electricity. In addition, they have acres of solar panels, and feed additional electrical energy back into the power grid. They provide eggs for both Italian and export markets, and their production is strictly monitored to comply with agricultural product standards.


Monte Fasolo Winery

Euganei Hills

Monte Fasolo is an impressive winery in the nearby Euganei Hills. A 13th Century church and guided cellar tours compliment the wine tasting experience.

Monte Fasolo wines contributed strongly to the creation of a distinct appellation of wines for the Euganei Hills district.

A spacious reception room with a breathtaking view looks over nearly 500 acres of estate lands, 175 of which are dedicated to vines. Olive oils, grappa, honey, and jams augment the selections.

Monte Fasolo has diversified its offerings to include 4,000 olive trees and 250 acres of woodlands. Walking paths create a pleasant natural setting. With its ancient chapel, its hilltop setting, its large reception room, and its wines, the vineyard serves as a romantic special occasion venue.


The master blender at Monte Fasolo, Dr. Antonio Paolo Froio, created a new sparkling wine for the house, which has rated highly in several competitions.

Iona Vinokurtesva is Director Assistant at Monte Fasolo, and manages business negotiations.


Both Friolo and Vinokurtesva are members of Awemi, an international wine producer and distributor group.

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