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Book launch of our Este member, Lynda Allen!

Our talented member, Lynda Allen, announces the publication of her new book, Flashes of Insight, which is a mystery set in Our Fair City.

There is a launch party at the James Monroe Museum on Saturday, March 2, from 3:00-5:00 p.m. There will be Flashes of Insight and Fredericksburg themed give-aways, refreshments including delicious cupcakes from Sweet Reasons Dessert Kitchen, a reading from the book, a Q&A, and attendees will have the opportunity to visit the museum's exhibits! There will also be bookmarks, drink recipe cards, and Flashes of Insight trivia questions to take home. 😊 There will also be copies of the book available for purchase for $10.


Here's just a taste of this new work:


Mood swings and insomnia are one thing, hot flash-induced psychic visions are quite another. When Olivia Wilde realizes the visions she’s been experiencing in the midst of hot flashes are actually premonitions, she has to learn to understand and trust what she sees in order to help a friend, preserve a piece of history, and save a life.


When Liv’s friend Jane's antique store in Fredericksburg, Virginia is robbed, Liv finds herself in the midst of a quest to find a secret cache of letters written by President James Monroe and his wife Elizabeth, which historians thought Monroe destroyed long ago. With the encouragement of her "Monthly" dinner party girlfriends, Liv begins to learn how to harness her newfound abilities, along with her smarts, to help uncover who is behind the break-in. It's a quest that nearly costs two lives, including Liv’s, and teaches her the often-hidden price of small-town life and generational family secrets.


Hope you can make it!


Kathryn Willis


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