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Artist Exchange October 12-26, 2018

Updated: May 2, 2019

Our first-ever Este artist chosen through our Artist Exchange Program, will be arriving in Fredericksburg from Oct. 15-24!

NADIR FRIZZARIN creates in multiple media, including oil, acrylic, pastel, and…body tattoo art! Soft spoken in demeanor, Nadir expresses himself vividly in bold canvas creations that have a modern edge, or a more traditional approach, depending on his creative inspiration. His tattoos are unique, ranging from the images of a favorite fuzzy dog to a beach scene complete with palm tree. Nadir will be accompanied by Sabrina dal Bello, who is an excellent English speaker, and Franco Rubini, Este-noted photographer and journalist.

Nadir Frizzarin, our Este exchange artist, is coming SOON! He, Sabrina dal Bello, and photojournalist Franco Rabini, will arrive on Friday, 12 October for two weeks!

Our arts chair, Lisa Durham, and her dedicated committee, including D.D. Lecky and Neal Reed from LibertyTown, have an exciting and lively program planned. We have several events for membership and for our host families and sustainer members.

OUR HARD-WORKING ARTS EXCHANGE COMMITTEE has put together a varied program for Nadir. He will experience a veritable arts buffet as he visits Ed King at Germanna, the art department at UMW, Neal Reed and artists at work at LibertyTown, as well as studio visits to Gabe Pons at PonShop, Cathy Herndon, Steve Griffin, and also, a special visit to Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival. We’ve also worked in some visits to art museums in DC and Richmond—a bounty of arts for Nadir to sample.

This is a GREAT chance for members to become more involved and develop friendships with our Este friends. 


Nadir Frizzarin, Este oil/pastel/acrylic painter and tattoo artist, experienced a taste of American culture and hospitality for two weeks. A busy schedule for Nadir aimed at pairing him with many local artists for up to two days, so that he could meet many local talents, experience a variety of artists in studios, homes, and classrooms, and get a true feel for the depth, quality and range of our lively arts scene. Among the artist pairings were Gabe Pons at PonShop, Ed King at both Germanna and at LibertyTown, Joan Limbrick and Cameron Limbrick at their home studios, Steve Griffin at his Montross home and studio; Jon McMillan and the UMW Art Department, and two days with our own Cathy Herndon—one doing art, and one travelling to the new Institute for Contemporary Art at Richmond’s VCU. Trips to the Virginia Museum, sightseeing in Washington, and parties and dinners at members’ homes were also on his social calendar. Perhaps the high point was the Sunday night reception at LibertyTown, where many of his works were exhibited, and our own Ashley Anglin translated many of his comments and insights about how he approaches his art. Nadir offered several of his works as prizes for fundraising to help offset the expenses, and two very happy winners—Midge Vittoria and Khaki Berry—were the lucky names drawn at the LibertyTown event. Many thanks to Steve and Dianne Elstein, Nadir’s hosts for the first week; to Cathy Herndon for the cocktail party in her wonderful home; to the Lecky’s for their barbeque party; to Pat Baughman for events planning and for the VA Museum visit; to the Walkers for dinner at their home; to Chip and Kathryn Willis for the Welcome dinner and for hosting Nadir for the second week; to Felix Fraraccio and Patti Bricken for their dinner party, and to Lisa Durham for lots of things, from transportation and coordination to the LibertyTown reception work. Numerous folks contributed mightily to the success of this visit, but special recognition goes to LibertyTown and D.D. and Ken Lecky, who once more have partnered with us in helping with the Este artist exchange. We also owe our gratitude to Lisa Durham, chair of the Cultural Exchange Committee, and to the committee members whose planning and hard work made the experience such a happy one for Nadir: Cathy Herndon, D.D. Lecky, Carolyn VanDerJagt, Kathryn Willis, and Neal Reed, who was our artist sent to Este as last year’s honoree. We love this program, and hope to incorporate lessons learned in planning for future exchanges. Also visiting for part of Nadir’s exchange time were Sabrina dal Bello and Franco Rubini, Este folks who enjoyed sightseeing and photographing the area at their own pace, and who attended some of the events. Many thanks to their hosts, Jack and Ginny East.


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