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Fredericksburg –Este Association, Inc., Updates: May 2020

Annual Meeting

Our rescheduled annual meeting date had been set for May 27. The library will not open until June 10, so our date is still undetermined. Thanks for being patient as we move along in these uncertain days!

Artist Exchange

As previously announced, Cathy Herndon, long-time Fredericksburg artist, retired art teacher, and multiple-award winner, has been chosen as our Artist Exchange honoree. Originally, the 3-week exchange was slated for this spring; it has now been rescheduled for October. We have been in touch with Massimo, and the Este group’s plans for this program are exciting: a joint exhibit with Este artists; teaching sessions in Este schools; and perhaps, even a mural project!

We are grateful for the support of D.D. Lecky Pottery and LibertyTown Arts Workshop as joint sponsors of this wonderful program.

Este in Lockdown

I have spoken with Massimo several times during the Italian quarantine. Este, along with the rest of Italy, still gathers on balconies at 6 o’clock on appointed days to wave the flag, sing the anthem, and beat cooking pots with wooden spoons in salute of those who are on the front lines of service. Massimo, his family and all of our Este sister city friends are safe—and bored! We truly do have a lot in common!


Billy Chestnut’s March 13 lecture was of course cancelled. Ashley Anglin, who was slated to deliver a lecture on Commedia del’Arte, has graciously offered to postpone her lecture for a future date, and has offered a fall lecture date to Billy.

Current dates for lectures are:

October 9: Italian Composers, Dr. Brooks Kuykendall, UMW.

November 13: TBA (perhaps Billy Chestnut; perhaps Ashley Anglin).

Again, uncertainty.

Student Exchange

The Este Rotary Club has cancelled the student exchange for July, in light of the uncertainty. Both the Este club and the Rappahannock club had selected excellent students for the exchange, the money to sponsor the students had been raised, and host family plans had been confirmed. This is yet another disappointment in a long list of disappointments. These exchanges are life-changing, and that opportunity is another casualty. Alas.

Espresso coffee mugs

On a brighter note: we now have our espresso coffee mugs for our membership, as a thank you for support and in celebration of our 5th year anniversary—we were founded in March 2015.

If you’ve not done so, please renew your membership—information on our membership page, $20/individual. $35/family. $100/sustaining, via online payment options or by check to PO Box 157, Fredericksburg VA 22404.

Fall Concert and Lecture

We had previously contracted with the Fredericksburg Chamber Chorale to perform at our October 30 concert. However, the director and his wife, a soprano in the chorus, are moving to Texas. The Chorale feels that they will be unable to perform so early in our post-pandemic world. We are working to secure a performing group for the Oct. 30 performance.

Pizza Palooza and Italian Visit in September

Plans are continuing for the September 19th Pizza Palooza, our signature event. Massimo and our Este friends are excited about attending for the first time! As you may recall, the 2018 event was postponed until October because of hurricane warnings, and our Este friends missed all the fun. We are still planning for ten Este friends to come for 10 days in September.

Orofino Restaurant closed through May 11

Danilo announced the closing of the restaurant because one of the staff had contracted Covid-19. Orofino’s website is offering a limited edition of baseball cap and tee shirt; in addition, the site also has gift certificates for purchase, on-line. Orofino has been supportive of our organization, so your support for then in their difficulty would be a kind gesture.


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