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Pizza Palooza Sept. 21, 2019

The famous Battle of the Pizzas is gearing up! On September 21, in Market Square, pizza fans will gather to cast their poker chip for the Best Pizza in the ‘Burg.

The Fredericksburg-Este Association, the sister city group twinned with Este, Italy, is the event host. Admissions volunteers give a poker chip to everyone who attends. Then, as folks nosh on their $1-a-slice pizza treats, they decide who does it best, casting their vote by tossing the chip into the bucket of the pizza maker of their choice. At evening’s end, the votes are tallied and the champs are announced.

The evening’s fun is also enlivened by the Beatles tunes and other rock ‘n roll classics offered up by Acoustic Onion, a popular favorite band. Folks bring their folding chairs, their kids, and their dancing feet for this late summer party under the stars.

Admission is $2 CASH, beer and wine are $5 a pour, and the culinary stars, the pizza slices, are still only $1. A chip reader is available for charging all but the admission price. By past attendance numbers, this combination of beer, pizza and rock ‘n roll is a huge hit!

The event is staffed by sister city members as well as by volunteers from the Fredericksburg Area Museum, which partners in bringing the event to life. In addition, B101.5 boosts the event during their contemporary music programming.

Proceeds from the event help bring Italian-related programming throughout the year to the region, much of it offered free of charge. For example, in October, a free lecture on Education under Mussolini is scheduled for Oct. 11 at 7 PM, in the basement of St. George’s Church, and another free lecture, on Florence and the Medicis, on November 8. St. George’s is also the venue for a free Italian composers concert, this year slated for Friday, October 25.

More information is on the Fredericksburg-Este website, Be sure to mark your calendar and come downtown for the fun. Better yet, visit the website, join, and become part of this active group’s varied program, bringing a taste of Italy to the ‘Burg!


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